Quality Health of Fernandina Beach has an outstanding reputation for excellence and compassion in service provision. In our efforts to continue to meet the expanding needs of individuals and families, we are proud to present our Rehabilitation Program.

Our aggressive program is customized for our facility in partnership with Orthopedic specialists. Its implementation allows all staff to approach patient care in a holistic manner to maximize functional outcomes.

At Quality Health, experienced therapists work as a team to follow the Orthopedic protocol, including:

    -Comprehensive evaluations
    -Personalized treatment plans
    -Innovative treatment techniques to help individuals achieve optimal levels of independence, pride and dignity
    -Services are provided up to 7 days a week to optimize the patient’s return to full functional levels

Patient specific programs with an interdisciplinary approach are designed to:

    Promote the development of functional skills
    Involve all care providers in identifying and addressing individual needs

At Quality Health of Fernandina, we take the time to explore all options available to help patients achieve their highest levels of function and pride.

Select Medical Rehabilitation ServicesSome Unique Features of our Program include:

    -Comprehensive interdisciplinary evaluations
    -Individualized plan of treatment to achieve patient goals
    -Integrated treatment approach with an interdisciplinary focus
    -Training of all staff including Nursing, Rehabilitation Services, Activities, Dietary and Housekeeping
    -Family involvement and education in treatment planning and carry-over of skills and compensatory strategies
    -We follow the physicians protocols for ongoing care, for example, post hip or knee replacement

Orthopedic Rehabilitation provides each resident the tools needed to maximize individual potential for achieving personal independence and dignity.

    -Physical Therapy
    -Occupational Therapy
    -Speech-Language Pathology

Friendly Rehab in Fernandina Beach

Specialty Orthopedic Programming Includes:

    -6 – 7 day a week Physical and Occupational Therapy per the physicians protocols
    -Physical Therapy twice a day up to 2 hours, plus Occupational Therapy once a day up to 1 hour
    -Progressive therapy from partial to full weight bearing status
    -Use of manual therapy, increased resistive therapy, transfer training, activities of daily living, cycle therapy, strengthening and ambulation techniques
    -Minimization of pain through application of appropriate modalities
    -Reinforcement of Total Hip and Total Knee Precautions
    -Training on approved activities post hip/knee replacement per physicians protocols
    -Achievement of 115 – 120′ flexion (knee) and 100 – 110′ flexion (hip)
    -Achievement of 0 – 5′ extension (knee) or 30 – 35 abduction (hip)
    -Application of CPM machine and training of facility staff and care givers in it’s use
    -Progressive therapy from manual to resistive with aggressive BID Physical Therapy and QD Occupational Therapy for 6 – 7 days a week as indicated
    -Complete adherence to individual physicians clinical pathways/protocols to meet stated per visit goals

Quality Health of Fernandina is committed to following the physicians approved protocols to optimize recovery post hip or knee surgery.

Our therapy is available up to 7 days a week and will be delivered BID as indicated by the patient’s tolerance and needs.

It is estimated that the average patient post hip or knee surgery will required 10 – 13 visits from Physical and/or Occupational Therapy before achieving a level of functionality and safety that allows for discharge home with possible out patient or home health input thereafter.

Our Rehabilitation Program provides a therapeutic, holistic approach that meets the highest standard of quality in the most cost effective and value-added manner. The Quality Health of Fernandina program meets federal and state regulations, and requirement of most third party payers.
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